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天主教恆毅高級中學 Heng Yee Catholic High School
深耕生命 展望國際 Cultivating Your Life & Reaching Out to the World


  • Thinking model: to replace "format and content” with a center of “spirit and atmosphere”
  • Balance development of moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic, and religious education
  • Efficient administrative services and system
  • Spacious, green campus
  • Advanced  equipment that keeps up with modern learning demands
  • Cultivating students to be moral citizens with knowledge of humanity and the environment 
  • International Vision:To broaden the international horizon of students and to educate them to be global citizens
  • Insisting on the traditional high requirements for life management and academic performance
  • Promoting a moral life and religious education: one ethics class per week and two or more large-scale religious or charitable activities
  • Encouraging the  formation of different student clubs: 52 clubs in six categories with a final demonstration at the end of each semester